Is It Time To Replace Your Oil Tank?
How old is the oil tank?  Indoor tanks more than 20-25 years old, and
outdoor or underground tanks older than 15 years old are at risk for failure
and should be removed. Tanks installed prior to 1998 usually are not dated.

Do you see signs of rust, pitting or corrosion?  Exterior damage and
rust indicates an aging tank, but most tanks rust from the inside out.
Homeowners are responsible for the resulting oil spills that can cost
anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 to clean up, and are usually not covered
by insurance.  

Is the tank darker or blackened at the low end near the drain? This
could indicate water in the tank and possible corrosion.

Is your oil usage increasing?  Your tank may be leaking.  Check for signs
of leakage around the vent pipe, fill pipe, supply and return lines and

More information on how to inspect your tank, and a complete
checklist can be found at the Maryland Department of Environment's website.
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