Careful excavation to
access the tank, under
a homeowner's garage.
The exposed tank,
now accessible to
clean and fill.
The 1000 gallon oil  
tank is cleaned to
remove sediment.
Gravel fills the tank, all
lines are removed and
the garage floor restored.
Plywood and specialty
equipment to minimize
disruption to your home.
We removed an
underground tank from the
garden of this estate. This
is the "after" picture taken
a few days later!
This oil tank was 11
feet underground.
We also do marine oil
Photo Gallery
We specialize in hard to reach oil tanks, specialty tanks, custom
installations, and preserving your home and landscape.  Below
are some photos of recent work around Baltimore, Maryland.
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The process to fill an underground oil tank that is no longer in use:
Preserving your landscape and oil tank removal in difficult locations are our specialty.  
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